12 Day Sierra Leone Insights


Day 1: Freetown

On arrival at Lungi International Airport you will be met by our local guide and transferred to the lodge for your overnight stay. You have the remainder of the day at leisure to rejuvenate from the flight.

Day 2: Freetown

This morning is great for those with an interest in history and architecture as you set out to visit sites such as the Railway Museum, St. Georges Cathedral, Peace Monument, the Maroon Church, the Cotton Tree, Old Wharf Steps, Big Market, The Gateway to the Old King's Yard and Fort Thornton.

In the afternoon you will drive to the nearby Tacugama Chimp Sanctuary, where injured or captive primates are being prepared to return to the wild. You will spend the night here in one of their basic but comfortable chalets.

Day 3: Own Arrangement

After breakfast, drive to Kenema, the country's third largest city and the centre of diamond mining. On the way visit the diamond mines and get the opportunity to watch the miners at work. If time permits then you can make a detour to the Gola Forest National Park.

Day 4: Own Arrangement

Day 5: Own Arrangement

After breakfast today it is time to head across to Tiwai Island. The last part of the trip to the rain forest island in the Moa river is  by Pirogue. On the island there are 11 primate species (including chimpanzees, Danube Monkeys, and colossi), more than 125 species of birds, and 800 species of butterflies in this stunning natural paradise.

If you are lucky you will observe from the boat the endemic rare pygmy hippos!

Day 6: Own Arrangement

Early in the morning - still in the dark - you will head for a walk through the rainforest in search of pygmy hippos, who come ashore from the river at night to graze in the rainforest. You will return to the lodge for a well earned breakfast. After a suitable rest visit the original village of Kambama, where you will pay tribute to the chief in the traditional way and experience the daily lives of the inhabitants as well as their dances and rites. Late afternoon head back into the dense jungle again to observe chimpanzees or other primate species.

Day 7: Own Arrangement

Today you have a several hour drive to Bo, the second largest city of Sierra Leone. You will see how the Gari - a kind of manioc pulp, typical of the region is made. You will also get the chance to stroll through the colourful markets. In the evening, we experience the nightlife with live music.

Day 8: Own Arrangement

Today is a long drive past colourful villages and towns in the hilly, wooded, grass steppe in northern Sierra Leone. Stop at the Bumbuna waterfall before carrying on the curvy road with beautiful panoramas to Kabala. Tonight there will be an evening dance performance with drum music.

Day 9: Own Arrangement

Get to stretch your legs today with a short ascent to the summit of Wara Wara Mountain, the mystical seat of Kumba, guardian spirit of the Limba.  In the afternoon meet with the Chief of Senegedugou and visit to a local vegetable plantation.

Day 10: Kasanka National Park

After breakfast drive to Makeni, the capital of the Northern Province. On arrival you will visit the centre of textile dyers.

Day 11: Freetown

After breakfast it is a long drive back to Tokeh Beach where you have the option to swim or take a scenic walk (25 minutes) on the white sandy beach to River No. 2, the stunning beach renowned for the Bounty advert in 1980. It is then time to head over to you lodge for your last night in Sierra Leone.

Day 12: Freetown

Today you will take a boat to Bunce Island, formerly the capital of the slave trade. Until 1807, the British shipped tens of thousands of slaves to America and Europe from here. Remains of the slave fortress of 1670 are still preserved. Later in the day set out to Banana Island via Kent beach, where a boat will be on standby to take you to the Island, to experience a perfect local community setting of the former slave island with ruminants of Portuguese infrastructure during the 1800’s. It is also known as the home to some Krios.

Day 13: End of Itinerary

After breakfast you will have time to relax before heading to Freetown for an opportunity to visit the Grand Bazaar. In addition to African fabrics and jewelry, there are wooden masks and ritual objects. You then have a transfer to the airport.

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